Monday, 22 December 2008

Real Cardiff Rolls On

Real Wales is duly launched and the eyes shift back to Real Cardiff Three, the book for next year that needs to be researched and written now. Is there any of the city left that it is not covered by Vol One and Vol Two? You bet there is. As much as you want.

Here's a small slice from Library, a recently completed section:

Titles the library rarely lends:

A History of Minor Roads in Wales.
A Guide to the Sub-Post Offices of the British Isles.
The Joy of Chickens
The Book of Marmalade
Highlights In The History of Concrete
Bombproof Your Horse
Weeds In A Changing World
How To Avoid Huge Ships
Did Lewis Carroll Visit Llanrumney?
Dining Posture In Ancient Roath
Cheese Problems Solved

[i] Wanted For Writing Poetry – Peter Finch, Second Aeon, 1966. His first book.

Orders not taken yet. Read Real Wales (Seren Books, £9.99 but cheaper on Amazon) first.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading both Real Cardiff books and look forward to reading Real Wales. One small piece of pedantry. The online piece about Banwen (presumably included in the book) claims that deep mining has ended in the Dulais Valley. That's not quite true. The deep workings of the former Treforgan colliery are being worked by a locally-owned company. Because British Coal sealed the shaft the workings are now reached via the Aberpergwm drift mine in nearby Glynneath. It's not what it was but it is 100+ miners working under the Dulais Valley.